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(Tradução: Artur/Leiria)
A youngster goes to Lisbon to study, but in the middle of the first semester finishes all the money that his father gave him. Then he has a stunning idea. He telephones his father and he comes with this:
- Father, you are not going to believe the wonders of the modern education in this city. Would you believe that they have a course here to teach dogs how to speak? The father, a simple man, was astonished:
- What should I do for them to accept Rex from our house, here?
- You only need so send the dog with 5.000 EUR and I will make the school registration. The father, believes him, falls for the story and agrees with the son’s advice. A few months passed, the youngster is again broke and he calls again:
- How are things, son? How is REX?
- He speaks through its elbows, father. You know what; they have now opened here, another course for dogs to learn how to read.
- Do not play with me, son! But if it is true, can we register REX?
- Of course! Send me 10,000 EUR and I will do everything! The old man, one more time, sends him the money.
The time goes by, the end of the year is coming and the youngster realizes that he has to justify himself regarding REX’S progress.
Certainly, the dog does not speak a word and does not read shit, in the end, continues exactly as always. Without any consideration, leaves the poor animal on the street, catches the train and returns home. The father’s first question could not have been any other one:
- Where is Rex? I bought a magazine on animals, for him to read.
- Father, you cannot imagine. I had everything ready to come back, when I saw REX in the sofa, reading the newspaper, as he did every morning. When he cracked this one:
- “So we are going home… I am wondering how the old man is doing? Don’t tell me that he continues to screw that widower that lives in the house across the street?"
Immediately his father, shouted:
- What a farcical dog of shit! I expect that you had put a shot in the head of this son of a bitch, before he arrives and speaks with your mother!
- Certainly, dad. It was what I did!
- That’s the way we do things, son! …

It’s well known that the youngster got a degree in engineering, and became a very reputable politician…

S                  Ó                  C                  R                  A                  T                  E                   S

Vai esta em inglês, para os meus amigos que gostam de praticar a língua do Ti Sam... 

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